Health & Wellness


At Diverse Medical Care, we offer our patients a full range of healthcare services, including Internal Medicine, with a special emphasis on Colon Hydrotherapy and Hormone Replacement Therapy. Although early detection and treatment of health conditions is very important, we also optimize the health of our clients through promoting their health and wellness as a general lifestyle approach.

We treat sleep disorders, recommend dietary regimens,  suggest exercise programs, provide information on vitamins and supplements, and refer patients to alternate therapies where appropriate. It’s all part of our philosophy of treating the whole person.

Supported By Comprehensive Services & Expert Staff

Our patients appreciate the fact that Diverse Medical Care has a variety of services right here in the clinic. We offer Laboratory testing drawn in the office, as well as other diagnostic procedures and EKGs. Our state-of-the-art colon irrigation equipment is in-house, operated by highly-trained staff. We are soon to open our own pharmacy for the convenience of our clients.

As part of our commitment to serving the needs of our clients, we are launching our Tele-Medicine service. After at least one office visit, patients can enjoy medical consultations over the Internet via a video link, using HIPPA-compliant technology.

Treating A Wide Range of Conditions

At Diverse Medical Care, we take care of all family medical care needs:

Whether you have a short-term medical need, a chronic condition or simply want to maintain your health and wellness through the best possible lifestyle programs, Diverse Medical Care is a wise choice for you and your family. Drop in for a visit and we’ll show you around.