• Colonic Hydrotheraphy is a safe and effective alternative to drinking often difficult to tolerate laxatives in preparation for a colonoscopy. In addition, a colonic irrigation by a certified technician under the supervision of a medical doctor, is safe and effective treatment for chronic constipation. In an effort to mirror the popularity in the U.S., a medical practice in Boynton Beach is now offering this alternative cleansing method using only FDA approved equipment in a soothing and professional environment. – Dr. Edward Horvath
  • FANTASTIC!!! YOUR OFFICE, STAFF AND THERAPISTS ARE AMAZING. PROFESSIONAL, CLEAN AND I CAN'T WAIT TO COME BACK! Staying in optimal health mental, physically and emotionally is the key to life and Diverse Medical Care is on the top of my list!!! Thank you Sari, Miranda, Barbara and all!!! - Brenda S.
  • I was so nervous about the ordeal but the therapist Barbara made me feel so much better about the procedure and was good experience very knowledgeable thanks I will be back to get my three recommended sessions. – Derek N.
  • Very nice office with professional staff! – Colleen D.
  • Let me first say, "I am not new to the world of colon therapy, I have been doing it for 20 years but never at this level of expertise and professionalism."WOW, the girls at Diverse Medical are the absolute best in the field of the very important business of keeping one's insides/colon in tip top shape. If your a anxious about doing a colonic, all your fears will soon dissipate after speaking with Miranda, the young lady who answers the phone she is an absolute pleasure to talk with and will help you in any way she can.When you walk in the door, you will feel a tranquility come over you, as it is a very peaceful atmosphere and Sari will answer any questions to help quell any unease you might have remaining.Then on to the suite where you will meet an absolute treasure, Ms Barbara, she is as sweet as she is knowledgeable of what she does. You will "get comfortable" as she steps out the room, then upon her return you will be in the hands of a loving, caring and hands on person that is totally attuned to you and your body. When done, you'll say, "why did I not do this for myself and my health sooner". BTW, if you are having that unpleasant procedure, colonoscopy done, this might be a wonderful preparation beforehand to ensure your colon is clean, as my wonderful Dr, Dr Horvath was the one to recommended this great team at Diverse Medical.  Enjoy the world of Diverse Medical. –  Sassy Fla